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"This is a subliminal message. Oppose the New World Order."


by A New Ascension

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"Deity" (2008)

The idea behind this driving and powerful song was to produce a completely raw instrumental rock track that mixed both primitive and complex arrangements and emotions. By contrasting positive and upbeat feelings with something that was also dark, mystical and primal, a kind of yin-and-yang vibe unfolds. The result was an empowering track that rides on the edge of exciting, inspirational and magnetically mysterious. 

"Deity" begins with a 45-second intro that stacks five guitar tracks one iteration at a time, while also aggregating bass with layered percussion, to build anticipation for that first big chorus drop. The crashing cymbal at the song's closing sounds like two clanging swords, suggesting an engaging experience that is only just beginning. Originally written for a surround sound mix, for now you can rock out to it in Stereo!


Jared Boice >> Guitar
Mark McHone >> Bass
Derek Phenneger >> Drums

Produced by Daryl Phenneger and A New Ascension
Music and Arrangement by Jared Boice
Recorded, mixed and mastered in the Spring of 2008 at Vision Sound Studios in Orange Park, Florida.

Recording Engineers: Tracked by Daryl Phenneger. Mixed and Mastered by Paul Lapinski.

2008 Deity Layout Designed by Jared Boice

Image: Deity

Logo and Layout Design

Classic Logo Deity Layout Design

"This is a subliminal message. Oppose the New World Order."

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