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>>Normalcy Bias - Instrumentals

Hard Rock >> A Double-Single

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"This is a subliminal message. Oppose the New World Order."

Normalcy Bias

by A New Ascension

Media and Credits

Normalcy Bias Instrumentals (2011)

1. "Row All Around"
2. "Decadence of Piranhas"


Jared Boice >> Vocals/Guitars/Bass
Kyle Brewer >> Drums

Produced by Daryl Phenneger and A New Ascension
Lyrics, Music and Arrangement by Jared Boice
Recorded, mixed and mastered in the Fall and Winter of 2010-2011 at A1A Productions in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

Tracked, Mixed and Mastered by Daryl Phenneger.

Crowd Vocals by Lauren Crawford, Nick Kiely, Todd Copeland, Josh Dorsey, Max Edwards, Jared Boice

2011 "Retro-Boombox Militia" Website Design by Michael Pope
2011 Photography by Kurt Hudson
2011 Normalcy Bias Layout Design by Jared Boice
2011 Moon Bird Logo, Domestic Terrorist Logo, Vertical Alignment Logo, and Enunciation Logo by Kurt Hudson
2011 "Rock the World, Save the Universe, Get the Girl" Stereo Design by Jason Peliska

"This is a subliminal message. Oppose the New World Order."

Images: Normalcy Bias

Jared and Kyle


Music video shoot for Decadence of Piranhas. RIP Brad Snavley Couch Surfing Fist Pumping We are serious
Sparks from the energy Elevator boys Going up Check us out on the roof!
Lighting up the place Big heads Gun Slingers Straight out of the wild west!
Two handsome dudesRon Paul Supporter The Thing

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Rock the World. Save the Universe. Get the Girl

"This is a subliminal message. Oppose the New World Order."

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>>row all around

>>decadence of piranhas