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>>Blues Rock Inn Show

Below are the only images from A New Ascension's first (and only) performance from the ocean front Blues Rock Inn in Jacksonville Beach, Florida on Saturday, October 8th, 2011. God bless phone cameras!

The event was a benefit show for stroke victim, George Terrell. The performance featured frontman, Jared Boice, drummer, Kyle Brewer, and guest performances from Warren Cooke on bass and Ben Harper on guitar. The latter two performers were original members of the multi-platinum band yellowcard, both of which had earned platinum records themselves before moving on to new ventures.

The opening act was JoEveritt and the show itself was sponsored by Takeover Life.

Blues Rock Inn Show (2011)

Images from the George Terrell Benefit show

from left to right: Warren Cooke, Kyle Brewer, Jared Boice, Ben Harper, Josh Mylar from left to right: Warren Cooke, Jared Boice, Ben Harper, Kyle Brewer's Drumset Jared playing solo acoustic from left to right: Jared Boice, Josh Mylar, Kyle Brewer, Ben Harper
Blues Rock Inn Show

"This is a sbliminal message. Oppose the New World Order."

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